Chapter 10 - One Person, One Vote, One Nation   

Every four years, the nation decries the failings of the so-called Electoral College. Untold numbers of Americans stay home on Election Day, convinced their votes make no difference. Yet despite two centuries of efforts to abolish this system—over 700 bills introduced in Congress—the Electoral College survives intact to this day.

So it’s time to take a different approach. It’s time to be practical. This chapter’s act of courage—a pledge by each presidential candidate that should they win the Electoral College, but lose the popular vote, they will offer their opponent a role in leading the nation—could fix many of the problems of the current system and just might be the stepping stone toward the Electoral College’s eventual abolition.

This pledge requires no changes to the Constitution or passage of legislation. It requires nothing more than an act of courage by just two Americans. Nothing more than a simple, yet bold, promise that the will of the people should count for something.

With this simple pledge, our democracy would be transformed. Millions of disengaged voters would finally have a reason to come to the polls. The candidates would begin campaigning with an eye toward the interests of all Americans, not just the swing voters in the swing states. And perhaps most importantly, the public’s trust in our government would be renewed by the candidates’ commitment to make every vote count.

While this proposal may seem radical on its face—a voluntary ....[Purchase the book here to keep reading]